PayPal Money by Doing Simple Tasks

PayPal Money by Doing Simple Tasks


PMoneyreward is an interesting GPT page where you can earn money and multiple prizes (such as PayPal gift cards) by performing simple tasks online. The funny thing is that the page is not much new, since it has been working since 4 years. Therefore, we are talking about a more than reliable site.


In the market, this website is well known because it is mainly focused on the rewarding market, although with the latest updates for users have a great opportunity to get prizes in a simple and completely free way.

All tasks are rewarded with points called "PMR", which can then be exchanged for real money starting at just $ 10. Let's go with all the details!


PMoneyreward Basics:


•   Rating: Very good  9/10


•   Site management: PMoneyreward is the American company. In addition to this, they work on own rewarding system.

•   Payments: Can be requested from 1000 points ($10)


•   Payment method: Money through PayPal gift cards.


•   Language: English, Spanish, etc.


•   Countries: Users from all over the world can register and participate in the web.


What is PMoneyreward?


PMoneyreward is a Get Paid to (GPT) page, that is, a site where points are redeemable for various awards through simple and varied tasks.

Anyone can participate and start earning money from the start and of course totally free.


How to register?


Well, it's as easy as pressing the button below and simply indicating an email address. Once done, you will receive a confirmation email to activate your account and that's it.


  Sign up for FREE and start winning PayPal money now


How to earn money and prizes in PMoneyreward?


On this page we will find many tasks with which we can accumulate PMR points in our balance sheet. The variety is quite large and most are very simple to make. We will review the different sections that are available.


•   Buy: As in a cashback page, here we will find offers to obtain discounts in our favourite stores.


•   Answer: In this section we will find a range of different surveys, either through external walls or from PMoneyreward itself. There is also a daily survey with which you earn 1 point in just one second and various tasks through the platform.


•   Discover: Here we will earn PMR points by performing tasks on external panels such as AdGateMedia, OfferToro, Peanuts Labs, and so on. What kind of tasks? Download applications, registrations on other websites, subscriptions...


Play on PMneyreward: Get points by playing.


•   Play: The web has some flash games (right now 3), with which we will earn PMR points simply by playing them. It is important not to have any "Ad Block" activated that prevents the display of ads, otherwise the points will not be counted.


•   Bananatic: Interesting free game that rewards activity on the web. It involves completing the different tasks associated with each box to form a pattern. There are several patterns available with different prizes, although only one can be completed.


•   Prizes Drop: In this section draws are held with different and varied prizes. Entries are purchased with PMR points.


Other options to earn points in PMoneyreward:


One of the benefit of this page is that it rewards a lot of personal activity, granting different bonuses for achieving certain goals:


PMoneyreward awards catalog

PMoneyreward has a very good and quite wide range of prizes, including gift cards for PayPal and cash through PayPal.


Gift cards in PMoneyreward:


We will also find gift cards for PayPal. An important aspect to note is that all prizes cost the same i.e. 100 PMR points = $ 1.

For example, if you look at the previous image, you will realize that $ 10 for PayPal costs 1000 points.


It is obvious that it is much more profitable to ask for a gift card by PayPal, but everyone must decide what interests them most.


Positive and negative Aspects:


In my opinion, the highlights for good and for bad of this page are the following points.


In favor:

  • Page completely free.
  • Many ways to get points.
  • Serious and reliable company.
  • Many prizes to choose from.
  • Good referral system.
  • Available for users of all countries.
  • Friendly interface.



  • PayPal prizes are more "Expensive".
  • Conclusion and opinions about PMoneyreward
  • Despite taking a lot of years online, I did not know this page and the truth is that I was quite surprised. The web offers many possibilities to earn and save money, all within a very friendly and easy to use website.

If you don't know it, you should at least try it, I think it will surprise you. I leave upon you right here. Thanks for reading. Have a good day!!!!

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